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Pat Worth

Pat Worth
RN, MS, L.Ac.

Pat Worth instructs the Qi Gong Class. Pat has studied Qi Gong since 1990. She practices a Taoist Qi Gong form as taught by Suzanne Friedman of San Francisco.

Reviews for Dayton Acupuncture


"My acupuncture appointment was March 15 with Patricia Worth. I smoked for 40 years. I tried hypnotism 2x, Chantix with Wellbutrin, expensive seminars, cold turkey, etc. Smoked. Past tense. Amazingly, I continue to feel, after acupuncture, that I've never smoked a day in my life." Quit Smoking


"Pat, I met you 5 years ago. I weighed over 350 pounds, with a list of symptoms brought on by diabetes that was out of control, 185 units of insulin a day with an A1C of 12.6, which included potential renal failure. I was fat, sick, frightened and broke. You gave me your time anyway and helped me get on track to a complete transformation. Today, I weigh 200 pounds less, am off all insulin, and feel amazing on multiple levels.... I study holistic nutrition as I have learned, first hand, what food can do FOR you, since I've seen what it can do TO you." Health News


"I went to Pat for acupuncture to quit smoking. I am very pleased with the results. Unlike other times I attempted to quit I have not had any headaches. The affirmation helped me face my addiction directly and gain control. Acupuncture has empowered me to quit with ease. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who wants to quit smoking!" Quit Smoking


"Hi Pat. I know how effective it (stop smoking acupuncture) is. January 30th will be 5 years (smoke free) for me after 1 treatment from you..... I was 2+ packs-a-day for 30 years. Thank you for that help." Quit Smoking


"Did I ever tell you about my mom, B, that you treated many years ago when she had kidney failure and the doctors were about to start dialysis and we asked if you could help her? You treated her and her kidney function came back to 78%. The doctor's comment was that he had never seen kidney failure return like that. She never required dialysis after that and she died several years later. We were so grateful for the help you gave to her." FAQ's


"Do you remember when I first came to you in 2001, I could hardly get out of bed because of my arthritis and I could not write a check? I brought my daughters with me for treatments also and after the first treatment at the front of the office I automatically made out the check and handed it to the receptionist. My daughters were surprised and reminded me that I just made out the check and we could actually read it. That is why I continued to return to you for the rest of the things that bothered me." About Us 

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